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Town Center: stay informed, get involved

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions with the Board of Supervisors on 1/24/23. The Board voted unanimously to do initial review of Century's updated plan*. and prioritize staff time to engage on the project. This keeps the Town Center / Final Phase Build out process moving forward.

(Note: this updated plan flyer was mailed to all residents 1/20)

Now that STEP 1 has started on time, we have at least some hope that construction may end on time in mid 2025. This is an aggressive timeline. There are many more steps which all need to happen on time too.

Please continue to stay engaged. Over the next few months Century will continue holding informational and listening sessions. Keep an eye out for invitations.


  • Tweaks to Century's updated plan, which already reflects some recent community input*, can continue to be requested by the community over the next few months

  • Parking is known to be a top concern for the EG community - A parking study and further parking plan changes are in the works

Community input will continue to be invited, but major changes or shifting to a whole new plan are not under consideration. The updated plan offers adjustments to the ALREADY APPROVED 2004 EG Specific Plan. Adjustments are necessary due to Market Demand and world changes over the past 20 years. For example, the Retail Study (linked on page 10 in the attached 1/24 Agenda), shows that the market will NOT bear more retail space than called for in the updated plan.

Final BOS Agenda 1-24-23
Download PDF • 222KB


Some residents would like to see a Community Garden. That may be a great idea, but it's not related to the Town Center / Final Phase Build Out plan. There's county owned land in EG that may be requested for that use.

Some residents would like to see progress on the historic mess halls on Ord St. Those are outside of the purview of Century and the Town Center plan.


It's easy to be confused about the plan and what's in scope vs out of scope, etc. Get the facts as the plan evolves by attending upcoming Century sessions. Keep an eye out for invitations.

Most recent community input meeting regarding parking was 3/14/23 at 7pm.


*Excerpt below from the Board of Supervisors 1/24/23 Agenda outlines how plan was updated based on EG resident input


Past meetings highlights

  • 3/14/23 community input meeting for Parking matters

  • 11/17/22 meeting: Keith McCoy of UrbanMix Development and ArtSpace presented

  • 11/3/22 meeting: Cushman Wakefiled Brokers discussed market trends and feasible commercial uses (including retail, offices, daycare and live music / food venue.

  • 10/4/22 meeting: watch the recording or view the presentation. Feedback was also gathered via a priorities survey by PREG (EG resident volunteers).

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Rose Lovell
Rose Lovell
Jan 21, 2023

Major changes suggested by Plan B would mean finding a new builder (Century owns the land so they would have to sell it to the new builder) and starting from scratch. Century is open to input on revisions on their plan, not major changes.

alfred shamble
alfred shamble
Jan 21, 2023
Replying to

The Sky is not falling. The Board of Supervisors meeting is still set for Jan 24th, not to be delayed as suggested (Step 1). There is no organized support for the Lego plan. Therefore why threaten that there will be a new builder ? Some issues such as parking are important, and the Board of Supervisors and their staff are smart people who can ably sort thru inputs and make proper decisions.


There is a difference between opposition and accountability.

Century was supposed to have built more than half of the Town Center by now. But instead they have built nothing and want to change the plan we were all sold on. Do also get informed of the "other side" before you make your decision to give up half the Town Center and Parking so Century can build more houses instead. Also Century's proposal makes Town Center reliant on ArtSpace Tax Credit and funding, which, is not even applied for yet, nor guaranteed.

You have a voice. Let it be heard!

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