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Town Center Survey Results

Updated: Jul 6

Thank you to everyone who participated in PREG's recent Town Center survey! As a complement to the input requested by Century Communities, The PREG Town Center Team asked your opinion about the East Garrison Town Center. Our survey emphasized that any business would need support from the local community. 593 responses were received! EG residents really have a vision for our Town Center.

Survey result highlights are:

  • GROCERY STORE A grocery store is vital with 93% in favor. Fresh, healthy food is important, and a store that accepts WIC & SNAP would make everyone feel welcome at their neighborhood market.

  • DINING 86% of us want to dine in our Town Center, either sit-down or take out with tables nearby. Dig into the data for which type of cuisine is most popular. 4 out of 5 of us would grab a coffee, and half want a bagel or donut.

  • ACCESS Most of us would walk to the Town Center, though enough folks would drive or bike that we need adequate parking for cars and bicycles. A bus stop and charging station would meet future needs.

  • SENSE OF PLACE “A Sense of Place” is hard to define but it’s important to EG residents and includes ideas like a performance space, playground, library and public restrooms. There were many comments about creating community space - from benches that face each other and a place for outdoor movies, to a museum, to a community center with a gym and a pool in our wildest dreams.

Many thanks to everyone who answered the survey. With so many good ideas, one thing stands out: It is important to EG residents that we “build an identity”.

Please keep an eye out for posts on Nextdoor and this website for information about next steps for the Town Center and how you can continue sharing input.

Helen Shamble

Preservation and Restoration of East Garrison is a group of residents

working together to make East Garrison an even more wonderful place to live

Response details can be seen in the pdf linked below

Town Center PREG Survey results Oct 2022
Download PDF • 3.18MB

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Nov 13, 2022

How do we get on Nextdoor for East Garrison?


Kadidia Cooper
Kadidia Cooper
Nov 01, 2022

I have a question that I submitted at both the Zoom meetings for the Town Center. Now that the space calls for a combining with the Arts Space, which is dependent on tax credits, that may or may not come, and of which we neither know the timing nor the amount, what happens to the Town Center, if (1) tax credits do not come, (2) they're insufficient, or (3) don't become available for years? And I do not want the stock answer of "Century is committed to building something". I want to know what the true alternate plan is, with timelines.

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