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  • Tamrynn Clegg
    “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” - C.S. Lewis These are words I live by. This is key for us. When it comes to HOA’s across the U.S., there is no “HOA Police” to call if the board or management companies break rules. There’s virtually no accountability. I’d like to change that. On the HOA, I’ll continue advocating to increase accountability and do the right thing - voluntarily. Some examples are: Apologize to the Fire Chief and offer a standing time slot for our safety and county officials speak at the end of our public meeting. Fill vacant board seats by adding them to elections in progress, not by appointment Host Townhall meetings to collect and respond to input As a scientist, I value data-driven decisions. Surveys and Townhalls on Irrigation Policy, oversight of Vendors, or CC&R Reform gives data to help make choices in the Member’s best interest. Homeowners, myself included, are closely reading the Davis Stirling Act, Bylaws, and CC&R. Many of us think it’s time for a change. Currently our rules make it possible for one person to be in charge of both HOA’s and an ARC that issues fines. In the two months that’s happened, we’ve seen EG turn from peace to turmoil. Response to the community outcry has been heavy handed, to say the least. I’d like to turn this around. I will restore peace by solving issues not silencing people. I’ll protect property values by building community with trust and open communication. I’ll advocate for homeowners. If neighbors say a clubhouse or meeting room in Phase 4 helps build community and gives them more for their dues, l’ll work toward that. Whether social events are put on by Social Committee, homeowners, or Kiwanis Club of EG I co-founded, I’ll continue supporting them and create even more ways to come together. -Tamrynn Clegg Mother, Shark Biologist, Photographer, Wife, Advocate, and Your Neighbor
  • Kadidia Cooper
    As the HOA Treasurer’s term wraps up, I feel it’s the right time to offer my Finance and Operations Executive experience on the HOA Board. And, I also feel it’s the right time to offer my leadership as HOA President. As it stands, the same two people are in the top two positions of the EG HOA Board, the Townhome HOA Board which govern us and the ARC committee which issues violations. It’s time for a leadership change. One of the first changes I’d make is to form a Finance Committee. This taps into EG’s expertise, increases transparency, and helps us do our fiduciary duties. This is more important than ever as we get ready for the financial challenges mentioned at recent board meetings, such as mandatory HOA funding of public transit in EG. We can also be more transparent about vendor selection and duties. In a past role as City Attorney Business Manager, I negotiated and managed many contracts. I’m confident I’ll help get the best services for us and hold vendors accountable. But, an open process makes it even better. Our Management Company and Landscaping vendors have a big impact on our daily lives. It’s only fair that we all have a voice in the choice. In my work with private companies, non-profits, the EG CSD and more, I’ve learned that regulations are complex and hard to change. But, it’s time for us to do the hard work and take a close look at our CC&R’s and Bylaws. We’ve grown to the size of a small city. Maybe we’ve outgrown these boilerplate rules handed to us by the Builder many years ago. Do we need parking permits at all? Should the curbs be painted red in No Parking Zones? How can HOA Board members be held more accountable? Let’s explore these important questions together. With open dialogue we’ll build the East Garrison we all want. Kadidia Cooper
  • Pamela Stewart
    Hello, my name is Colonel Pamela Stewart, USAF Ret. I have lived at 21576 Ord Avenue, East Garrison for 3.5 years and am running for our HOA Board. I love living here in our diverse and inclusive community and after moving every 3 years of my career, I plan to live here the rest of my life. Therefore, I am working to participate more in my East Garrison and surrounding communities. I currently am a member of the League of Women Voters, and chair of the Voter’s Services Committee. Additionally, I volunteer at the Monterey Peninsula Community College for their fundraising and scholarship committees. Having previously lived in many HOA communities, I know the CC&Rs are within our initial contracts when we purchase a home and they describe the rules for all of us to follow within this community. I also understand that it is possible to amend them, if needed, with full community vote per majority approval. The CC&R’s modification process is documented process within the CC&R. It is our community and we do have a voice. Because I have designed and built several homes over the years, I have experience working with contractors, subcontractors and warrantees’ issues. My experience comes from my Air Force and Aerospace industries career as a full Colonel and corporate Program Manager (undergrad Physics, Masters Aeronautical Engineer). Most of the military experience was within the Joint Commands (all services plus agencies) environment and required enormous amounts of coordination, mediation and compromises. I have been a program manager for large and small multi-facetted programs, and professionally trained in conflict resolution followed by lots of experience in applying “Win-Win” solutions successfully. I would love to have your vote! Pamela ≠≠≠
  • Travis Alexander
    My name is Travis J. Alexander. I have lived in East Garrison with my wife and daughter since 2021, and we have lived in Monterey County since 2016. We had our sights set on this beautiful community for years before we were finally able to move in, and we're so glad to be here. I am an attorney working for a personal injury law firm in Monterey. I spent 2 years volunteering as a small claims court mediator in San Diego through the court's contract with the National Conflict Resolution Center. After law school I volunteered with the Santa Clara County Public Defender's office, before making the change to advocating for injury victims in Monterey County. My undergraduate degree from San Diego State University was International Security and Conflict Resolution, with a dual focus on: 1) Conflict and Conflict Resolution; and 2) Environment and Security. During my undergraduate studies I won awards and state, national, and international Model UN competitions. Negotiation, zealous advocacy, and conflict resolution are what I do and what I've done for many years. I have found that there are multiple approaches to resolving a problem, and not every approach is going to lead to the best result. Pragmatism and Compromise can be effective in many situations, and are the focus of community oriented mediation. However, sometimes compromise leads to a lose-lose result, and in those situations our community needs someone who will zealously advocate for our community's needs and interests above all else. My background includes both business and association board experience. I served as both the SBA Treasurer and President in Law School, overseeing a modest budget and developing extracurricular programs and events for the benefit of my fellow students. I am currently Vice President of my law school's Alumni Association, again overseeing a modest budget, and implementing various programs and events for the benefit of current students, recent graduates, the law school and the alumni network as a whole. I spent multiple years on the board of Umunhum Brewing, California's first and only Cooperatively owned brewery, where I worked with both State and Federal regulatory bodies to obtain necessary licensing and trademarks, negotiated contracts with brewers, warehouses, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, and much more. I am currently a co-owner of a small production company organized in 2021. I have lived in many communities, some with HOAs and some without. I have seen the good HOAs can provide for a community when run correctly, and I want to ensure that we are providing those positive benefits to everyone in our community. I am not here to enact my own agenda, but instead to listen to the needs of the community, evaluate the options of enacting those needs within the legal framework, and then bringing them to an efficient reality. As many of my fellow candidates have indicated, transparency is essential for oversight but also for building trust with the community. As I often tell potential clients, at the end of the day you must have trust in your advocate or advocates, because there will be a time when they bring you bad news, and you must be able to trust that they did everything possible for you. I believe working together we can build that trust, as well as achieve the goals most important to helping this community grow and thrive. This is a goal that is easy to write, but not so easy to achieve; it takes work and I am willing to put in that work. For those in the community who know me, you already know that persistence and perseverance are core aspects of my character. For those who don't yet know me, I very much relish the opportunity to show you how hard I fight for those I represent. I look forward to bringing the benefit of my experience in a variety of fields to enact the visions we all have of a beautiful, safe, and thriving community. I look forward to serving you all, and getting to know more of my neighbors in the process. Thank you for your time.
  • Deborah Kelly
    Deborah Kelly Let's work together to create an HOA board that truly represents the needs and aspirations of all homeowners. Together, we can build a harmonious and thriving community that we can all be proud of. Since August of 2017, my husband and I have been residing in this area. You may recall my involvement in volunteer work, particularly my contributions to the yearly Social Committee events for over three years. As one of the original committee members, I played a pivotal role in organizing, planning, and overseeing the successful execution of the last two Yard Sales. I have served on the Las Palmas II HOA board, which has given me a comprehensive understanding of the dedication and commitment required for this volunteer position. I also volunteered at the Carmel Youth Art Festival during the Plein Aire Art Festival. I have actively voiced my concerns regarding the utilization of Mello Roos taxes and their allocation by the County during several Board of Supervisor meetings. I have advocated against the approval of a proposed large park off West Camp, which had the potential to attract 250,000 visitors annually. I participated in the Landscaping Committee this year, contributing to the development of a plan for upgrading the EG landscaping. Unfortunately, my membership was revoked due to my extensive inquiries regarding costs, budgetary considerations, and the absence of obtaining multiple bids for the project. I hold a master's degree in education from a prestigious university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prior to that, I dedicated 17 years of my career to Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino, CA, where I found immense satisfaction in my role. I look forward to an opportunity to serve you as a HOA board member to create a positive transformation in our community. Please consider voting for me. Your neighbor – Deborah Kelly
  • Performers 10:30 - 11:30am
    From 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays at Lee Ave near Lincoln Park in East Garrison we enjoyed the performances shown below. Sept. 30 Kyle Kovalik, Acoustic Guitar Want to do a performance in 2024? Reach out to to schedule a date Sept. 23 Nick Williams. Alto Saxophone Musician Sept. 16 Greg Hoisington, Bluegrass fiddle from the Otter Opry Sept. 9 "So Good Saturdays" is cancelled on 9/9 Sept. 2 Terrence Farrell, Spanish Classical Guitar August 26 Kid's book reading and meet the maker: Megan Wood and Michelle Sorenson Megan is an EG Resident who provides child care and authors Farm Day Animals kid's books. Cash the Clever Canine and other Farm Day Animals Plushies, are made by Michelle, an EG Resident and owner of Michelle's Zoo. Follow Megan on Facebook. Learn more at August 19 Alondra Bustos, author of bilingual children's books Send inquiries to : August 12 Michael Gaither, Guitarist Aug. 3 Dan Cioper, Folk / Reggae / Rock guitar July 29 Puppet Show by Puppet Arts Puppet Show presented by Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL) Summer Reading Club MCFL Puppet Arts July 22 Kid's book reading and music by Megan Wood and Joyce Sampson Megan is an EG Resident who provides child care and authors kid's books. On 7/22, Megan will read her book, "Cash the Clever Canine". Then, it's a sing along with Joyce. Cash the Canine Stuffed Animal, was made by Michelle, an EG Resident and owner of Michelle's Zoo. Plushie and books can be ordered by contacting Megan at Follow Megan on Facebook. Learn more at July 15 Otter Opry Boys July 1 Nick Williams. Alto Saxophone Musician June 3 and June 17 Dave Holodilof, Bluegrass Mandolin June 10 and July 8 Terrence Farrell, Spanish Classical Guitar June 24 Germar the Magician (from Monterey County Library Summer Reading Program) May 27 Greg Hoisington, Bluegrass fiddle from the Otter Opry
  • What is "So Good Saturdays" 10:30 - 11:30am
    In East Garrison, every Saturday is So Good! In Summer 2023, they were extra good. “So Good Saturdays” is brought to you by Arts Habitat with the support of Century Communities, UrbanMix Development and Urban Design Associates. And, thank you to the HOA for mention in the June newsletter. In Summer 2023 on Lee Ave. near Lincoln Park we enjoyed Saturday morning activities such as : Food Truck which also visits on Thursdays at 5pm Bookmobile: Monterey County Free Libraries Performer: Kids' book reading, acoustic music and more We are already looking forward to So Good Saturdays in 2024
  • Supporters
    “So Good Saturdays” is brought to you by Arts Habitat with the support of Century Communities, UrbanMix Development and Urban Design Associates. And thanks goes out to the EG HOA for inclusion in the June 2023 homeowner newsletter. Century Communities is the builder of East Garrison (EG) . 2030 is the target date to finish Phase 4 build out in partnership with UrbanMix and Urban Design. Phase 4 will add additional housing including single family homes and a Town Center with commercial space and affordable artist live/work lofts. The East Garrison plan also calls for Historic Buildings to be restored for adaptive reuse. Arts Habitat and ArtSpace will partner to serve as the owner / operator of the buildings and to realize the vision for an Historic Arts District in East Garrison. Thank you to the supporters of So Good Saturdays! IN COLLABORATION WITH
  • Tamrynn Clegg- HOA Board Candidate Q&A
    Vote by 9/19 Tamrynn Clegg. HOA Board of Directors Candidate Q&A 1. What is your vision for the HOA Board and East Garrison? My vision for the EG HOA Board is to have open, honest, and transparent communication between the board and ALL of the homeowners. I understand the board meetings are an important place to conduct business in a controlled manner, but unfortunately not everyone can make the meetings. I don’t feel a homeowner should get any less of a say or be less informed simply because they are unable to make the meetings. It’s important to me that we receive services that meet the needs of our community, and that we are open to reassessment when things are not working as they should. 2. Which experience from your career or life would most help you in your role on the board? I’ve had years of experience in volunteering on boards and working as an ambassador for programs through NOAA (on an International level), Girl Scouts (on a National level), aquariums and zoos, marine biology research centers, and schools ranging from kindergarten to high school. My experience in research, program planning, and education allows me to be adept in finding viable and creative solutions to issues we face as a community - while being able to stay objective to the needs and opinions of the majority of the community rather than allowing my personal opinions to lead my decisions. 3. What ideas do you have for collecting community input for the Board to consider on key topics? I’d love to see an open forum group, I’d be happy to mediate to ensure conversations stay on topic and are respectful. I have heard a lot of feedback regarding comments and posts being deleted on NextDoor and Townsqr, so I do not feel those are the most transparent places to be able to take in ideas and create open conversations regarding HOA and Board issues. I think the new email address is a great idea, in theory, as long as the community can get timely and reasonable responses. 4. If you could fix one thing about how the HOA operates, what would it be? I would like to fix how Associa addresses issues brought to their attention. I have heard from countless neighbors that their responses can feel apathetic and curt at best. I’d like to see concerns being met with better customer service skills. I have felt in the past that Associa treats us as though they work DESPITE our community, not FOR our community. If we could see less threatening letters and more honest actions toward their responsibilities to us as a community, I believe we can significantly change the current narrative and interactions between the Homeowners and Associa. 5. What do you see as the most important priorities for our community needs to work on? The fact that we have been bamboozled out of our Town Center is a huge issues. I lack the confidence that it will come to fruition but it is a big issue in my book considering we all payed ridiculous amounts of taxes with little to nothing to show for it. Security and Landscaping are other huge issues. There are currently discussions about both, of which I would love to be on the board to ensure follow through with these issues. Parking Patrol does not positively serve us at this time. I would like to reassess the services Allied can offer us and lean more toward security - such as patrolling and alerting authorities to suspicious activity. We also need to reassess the CC&R’s. They were not written for our community, we simply adapted them blindly from somewhere else before we were even near completion. I’m all for having CC&R's and protecting our property values, that is a definite priority to me. I just want them to make sense and fit our needs, for example, street parking 2 out of 3 nights when the County roads lining our community have different guidelines is confusing and not realistic for a neighborhood without driveways and with tiny garages. Feel free to search me on NextDoor and East Garrison Residents Page, I’d be more than happy to spitball ideas and solutions. I’d love to have your input and your vote in this election. I am capable, passionate, fair, and at upmost kind - I know I can do a great job and am grateful for the opportunity to prove it to you.
  • Donna Hardina- HOA Candidate Q&A
    Vote by 9/19 Donna Hardina- HOA Board of Directors Candidate Q&A What is your vision for the HOA Board and East Garrison? East Garrison has enormous potential. We can involve homeowners in ensuring a harmonious neighborhood in which we feel comfortable, safe, and enjoy our beautiful surroundings with our neighbors. HOA meetings should encourage participation and allow homeowners the opportunity to make plans to improve their enjoyment of the surrounding environment. The most important group of people we serve are homeowners rather than the development company. We want Century to be successful in terms of commercial development, but it’s homeowners and their desires and hopes that are the users of HOA services. In the last two years on the board, I have tried to best serve homeowner interests and I hope to continue to do so. 2. Which experience from your career or life would most help you in your role on the board? I enrolled in the University of Chicago as a social work graduate student in 1980. I found a work-study position in a community organization in the neighborhood surrounding the university. I quickly fell in love with community work. My supervisor quit suddenly, and I became, on a temporary basis, the Executive Director. I worked with a board of 36 very opinionated people who weren’t sure I could do the job. Not only was I able to do the job, but I was also good at it and changed my academic focus to community organization and management. I worked for a number of other nonprofit organizations in Chicago and was offered enrollment in a Ph.D. program contingent on managing a research study on nonprofits for the School of Urban Planning and Policy at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Since then, I completed a dissertation on nonprofit boards, taught community organization and management at two universities, authored academic articles and books, and received tenure at Fresno State in 1997. While at the university, I continued to serve on boards of directors and consulted for non-profit organizations. Please note: the East Garrison Community Association (HOA) is classified as a nonprofit, mutual benefit (membership) organization by the IRS and the state of California, (For some reason, I’ve had a few people tell me that some state and federal regulations don’t apply to HOAs. That’s not true!) We’re legally required to oversee the management of the HOA and make sure our money is used wisely. 3. What ideas do you have for collecting community input for the Board to consider on key topics? There is no reason we can’t discuss issues that affect us and identify solutions to problems we have related to the HOA, parking, and safety. We should also be able address other issues as they arise. Focus groups, meetings in the park, and an expanded committee structure are all avenues we can use to collect input from homeowners. Direct email contact with board members is also an option worth exploring. Meetings also need to be restructured to allow for homeowner input. State regulations that apply to HOAs permit homeowner comments only at the beginning of meetings. As specified in state regulations, this should be optional. Some attorneys advise using it, but I think it’s mean, totalitarian, and counterproductive. 4. If you could fix one thing about how the HOA operates, what would it be? I have two major things I’d want to fix: Improve response time for homeowner requests and complaints. Make sure that every homeowner actually receives a response. Homeowners should be treated with dignity and respect by both management and the HOA board. 5. What do you see as the most important priorities for our community needs to work on? Terminate the Associa contract and find a new competent management company. We must develop methods to conduct oversight of the new landscape company so that we can get the services we deserve. We need to find an approach to our parking issues that meet the needs of community residents. We need to enforce the CC&R-related community rules, but we need to do it in a manner that ensures it is actually feasible for homeowners to comply as well as equitable and fair We need to involve homeowners in developing a vision for the community and in basic decision-making about services and enforcing the rules.
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