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In the Nov. 2022 elections, Measure E was defeated with 67% voting against.

Measure E asked East Garrison residents to vote on whether the Monterey County Board of Supervisor should continue serving as the Board of Directors for the EGCSD. Currently, an Advisory Committee of volunteer EG Residents advises the Board of Supervisors. EGCSD stands for the East Garrison CSD (Community Services District). A CSD is a Community Services District is a form of local government used to provide services in unincorporated areas of a county. Visit the County FAQ site to learn about the election.

FAQ about the EG CSD:

  1. Rules The parks in East Garrison are owned and operated by the EGCSD, but are currently governed by Chapter 14.12 of the County Code. If Measure E passed, the parks would have remained open to the public but the new EGCSD Board of Directors may have adopted its own rules and regulations for the EGCSD parks.

  2. Funding The EGCSD is funded by a Mello-Roos Community Facilities Special Annual Tax imposed via the East Garrison Community Facilities District (EGCFD) No. 2006-01 by the East Garrison Public Financing Authority.

  3. What the EG CSD does. It's responsible for providing:

  • Maintenance of parks and open space (e.g. Lincoln Park, neighborhood parks, Bluff Courts, Bocce Ball Courts, and Playground, Dog Park, Bluff Trail, Whitcher Cemetery, and others).

  • Maintenance of perimeter roads (Intergarrison Rd., portion of Sherman Blvd., West Camp St. and Watkins Gate Road), including street lighting, street signs, sidewalks and landscaped parkways on these streets.

  • Maintenance of selected drainage, stormwater facilities and systems, and retention basins for flood control.

  • Limited recreational programs/events at Lincoln Park.

  • Funding for County Sheriff law enforcement operations.

4. Roles

The role of the CSD is to advise the County Board of Directors (BOD) on the budget and operations of the EGCSD in matters as follows:

  1. Budgets and funding of EGCSD Services, Mello-Roos Special Tax, Balance Sheets, and Forecasts;

  2. Parks, Open Space, Infrastructure and Facilities owned and/or maintained by the EGCSD;

  3. Any public activities, road projects, or constructions directly or indirectly impacting the properties owned or maintained by the EGCSD.”

5. Next Vote on EG CSD Independence In the future, EG voters can vote for Independence by collecting petition signatures from 10% of EG voters. Source:


3/8/23 was most recent meeting. Highlight: the CSD will not place security cameras in EG Parks.

Agendas and Notes for all meetings are here.


The EG CSD needs your help. Some seats on the EG CSD are not filled. It’s important that the CSD reflect the East Garrison Community. Residents of Manzanita Place are not currently represented and are encouraged to apply. The remaining seat(s) will be filled only after a resident of Manzanita Place is appointed by Supervisor Root-Askew. Apply here.

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