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FAQ for the Community Services District (CSD)

Updated: Jul 6

1. What the EG CSD does. It's responsible for providing:

  • Maintenance of parks and open space (e.g. Lincoln Park, neighborhood parks, Bluff Courts, Bocce Ball Courts, and Playground, Dog Park, Bluff Trail, Whitcher Cemetery, and others).

  • Maintenance of perimeter roads (Intergarrison Rd., portion of Sherman Blvd., West Camp St. and Watkins Gate Road), including street lighting, street signs, sidewalks and landscaped parkways on these streets.

  • Maintenance of selected drainage, stormwater facilities and systems, and retention basins for flood control.

  • Limited recreational programs/events at Lincoln Park.

  • Funding for County Sheriff law enforcement operations.

2. Funding The EG CSD is funded by Facilities and Services bonds referred to as Mello Roos fees. Construction of EG infrastructure (water pipes, drainage, roads, parks) is funded by a 30-year CFD Facilities bond: East Garrison Community Facilities District (EGCFD) No. 2006-01. This bond CAN be paid off by the EG homeowner.

Per the 10/1/22 CFD Tax Administration Report , there are 929 taxed parcels in East Garrison. for the Services Special Tax. 104 homeowners have paid off the Facilities bond (so, 825 are still paying the Facilities bond). The CSD Services bond, "CFD No 2006-1 East Garrison PFA Services", pays for Sheriff operations and maintenance of infrastructure (parks, pipes. permitter roads, etc) and can NOT be paid off. These fees, which appear on EG Homeowner tax bills, can increase annually:

  • Facilities bond (CFD)- 2% per year max increase.

  • Services bond (CSD) 4% increase max per year, based onthe consumer price index

The amount of SERVICES Mello Roos annual fee is based on square footage of the home. $2,356 is the max amount that can be levied for homes that range from 1,850 - 2,000 sq. ft. Adjustments for inflation based on CPI are allowed, up to 4% per year.

The combined original principal amount for the 2016 and 2019 bonds is about $20 million

3. Park Rules On July 16, 2019, per EGCSD RES 19-005, ownership of EG Phase 1 and Phase 2 parks in EG transferred from the HOA to the County of Monterey. Since then, the EG CSD has owned and operated the EG parks and most open spaces. The parks currently governed by Chapter 14.12 of the County Code (updated July 2019).

4. Roles

The role of the CSD is to advise the County Board of Directors (BOD) on the budget and operations of the EGCSD in matters as follows:

  1. Budgets and funding of EGCSD Services, Mello-Roos Special Tax, Balance Sheets, and Forecasts;

  2. Parks, Open Space, Infrastructure and Facilities owned and/or maintained by the EGCSD;

  3. Any public activities, road projects, or constructions directly or indirectly impacting the properties owned or maintained by the EGCSD.”


As of February 2024, the Parks Division of Monterey County will have operational oversight and management of EG CSD. Bryan Flores became Chief of Parks for Monterey County in early 2024. One of his first acts was to stop the use of Roundup Pro in the County owned parks in East Garrison. Bryan can be reached at


Meetings are usually on every month on 2nd Wed. @ 6pm at EG Fire Station

At the 11/8/23 meeting, a presentation made by Goodwin Consulting about Mello Roos fees at that meeting.

7/12 meeting highlights: CSD, funded by EG homeowner Mello Roos taxes, will sponsor three annual events at Lincoln Park: Spring Eventt, 4th of July and Winter Event and will recruit volunteers to put them on. Community members asked for access to the Snack Shack in Lincoln Park (reserve it for events or do an RFP for on-going use as Concession Stand). CSD will not request an RFP be done and will use it only for CSD functions. Many oak trees died due to confusion over watering process (manual vs automated) in transition to new landscape vendor. Discussions in progress about how to fund replacement of 75 trees with appx cost of $33,000.

5/10 meeting highlights: a self-locking device was installed on restrooms at Lincoln Park so restrooms will lock automatically at park close time

3/8/23 meeting highlight: the CSD will not place security cameras in EG Parks. Community members asked for access to the Snack Shack in Lincoln Park (reserve it for events or do an RFP for on-going use as Concession Stand). CSD will not request an RFP be done and will use it only for CSD functions.

2023 Compilation of documents published by the EG CSD EG CSD pending issues list

EG CSD Pending Issues list
Download PDF • 288KB

EG CSD future agenda items

EG CSD future agenda items
Download PDF • 454KB

EG CSD financials: Fund balance sheets / statements, expenditures and personnel costs

EG CSD financials
Download PDF • 924KB

Financials note:

- Funds 180 and 510 relate to the East Garrison Community FACILITIES District No. 2006-1. - Fund 181 is for SERVICES


In the Nov. 2022 elections, Measure E was defeated with 67% voting against.

Measure E asked East Garrison residents to vote on whether the Monterey County Board of Supervisor should continue serving as the Board of Directors for the EGCSD. Currently, an Advisory Committee of volunteer EG Residents advises the Board of Supervisors. EGCSD stands for the East Garrison CSD (Community Services District). A CSD is a Community Services District is a form of local government used to provide services in unincorporated areas of a county. Visit the County FAQ site to learn about the election.

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