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East Garrison CC&R's, Rules and more

Updated: 3 days ago

The full CC&R's and Bylaws can be downloaded from the Management Trust Portal in the "Documents" folder or from the link below.


East Garrison BYLAWS
Download PDF • 5.13MB


East Garrison CC&R
Download PDF • 18.12MB


Feb 2021 version that needs updates. Awaiting most current version

EG Rules Feb 2021
Download PDF • 1.21MB

Parking Regulations and Vehicle Registration form

EG Parking Regulations 2022
Download PDF • 184KB

Regulations governing Planned Unit Developments (PID)

Per Wikipedia, the Davis–Stirling Common Interest Development Act is the popular name of the portion of the California Civil Codebeginning with section 4000,[1] which governs condominium, cooperative, and planned unit development communities in California.

Visit Davis-Sterling for full details.


Per Article 13, the Bylaws can be amended by the vote of a simple majority of homeowners.

Per Article 16.2a, the CC&R's can be amended by the vote of a simple majority of homeowners.

As of January 2023, 994 single family homes have been built. A simple majority of 994 is 498.

RV Parking CC&R Section 4.11

Recreational Vehicles – “No recreation vehicles of any type may be parked within the East Garrison community for more than 3 hours during non-enforced hours (6:00am to 10:00pm) and only for the explicit purpose of loading and unloading.”

PARKING Section 4.11

FRONT YARDS. CC&R Article 7 “Maintenance of Property” 7.1.a (i)


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